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TOMISLAV GOLUBAN (Toh-mee-sla:v Go-loo-ba:n) - SOUND LINK pronunciation

After 10 studio albums, the proverb “The older - the crazier” definitely applies to Croatian harmonica player Tomislav “Little Pigeon” Goluban, whose songs and performances burst with energy, passion, humour and above all, fantastic music. His surname “Golub” translates to “Pigeon” in English, providing the inspiration for his stage name. Since the start days of playing the harmonica and the small local performances, Goluban has over the years, carved a spectacular monument to to the instrument, which he has skillfully, inspirationally and rigorously played across continents, countires, on hundreds of concerts and across thousands of kilometers. If you’ve ever been to one of his shows - you know what it’s like, and if you haven’t - you’re missing out on a musical experience which seeps through your every pore, races toward the brain and hits the centres for balance and emotion. Tomislav Goluban is on the one hand a dangerous and thoughtful artist, and on the other a gentle and seductive musician. He quickly hooks you on his magical music with his quick and contagious energy.

He's been playing his harp since 1997, inspired by old school masters like Sonny Terry, Slim Harpo, Paul Butterfield, Gary Primich, Kim Wilson or Joe Filisko just to name a few whom he still admires today. Performing solo/duo with a band, he played in the USA and in Europe in 20 countries. Here are just a few events he took part: Notodden Blues Festival (Norway), Amal’s Blues Festival (Sweden), Blues sur Seine (France) and International Blues Challenge (USA).

A review of his discography reveals delta, country & Chicago blues, zydeco, rock’n’roll and world music. He’s been recording his music drawing from a wide span of styles and influences, from raw delta duo sound to full instrumental arrangements with 20 musicians collaborating on one song. He has won a few of Croatia's most prestigious national music awards; he is the founder of etno blues festival in his hometown region; he educates young people across schools in his Country and hosts a radio show dedicated to blues on Croatia's national radio station.

In the period from 2005 to 2019 Tomislav has:
-published ten studio albums and two maxi singles
-won 4 Croatian top dicography awards "Porin" (the equivalent of a Grammy in Croatia)
-won 3 "Croatian Musicians Union" awards "Status"
-performed in 10 countries in two continents (Europe and the USA)
-won the 4th place at Worlds Harmonica Championship in Germany 2005
-became the sole Croatian indorser of the world's finest and most famous harmonica manufacturer "Hohner"
-received the Letter of thanks from the City of Zabok
-been awarded with Krapina-Zagorje county Medallion for extraordinary achievements
-received the Fender Mega Muzika award for the exceptional contribution to harmonica played music 2009
-received the Fender Mega Muzika award for Best Musical Cooperation with Zdenka Kovacicek 2012
-been the first Croatian representative at 25th  International Blues Challenge,  Memphis, USA 2009
-been one of the founders and the first president of the "Croatian Blues Forces" association
-developed an educational music program called "The harmonica in Blues" which  is presented to the pupils of elementary and high schools all over Croatia by himself

2017 – USA, Memphis, 33rd International Blues Challenge, competition
2014 – POLAND (Wroclaw), Europa na Widelcu, documentary for Krapina-Zagorje County
2014 – AUSTRIA (Vienna), GERMANY (Munchen), CZECH REPUBLIC (Praha),   presentation of documentary for Krapina-Zagorje County
2013 – NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam, documenatry for Krapina-Zagorje County
2013 – BELGIUM, Bruxelles, presentation of documentary for Krapina-Zagorje County
2012 – SPAIN, Madrid, clubs concerts (guest for Tonky Blues Band)
2012 – TURKEY, Istanbul, Intercultural art Dialogues Days
2011 – GERMANY, Berlin, 1st European Blues Challenge
2011 – HUNGARY, Szentgotthard, Europe day
2011 – ITALY, Pordenone Blues Festival (guest for Mike Sponza)
2010 – FRANCE, Blues sur Seine Festival (Aubergenville, Mantes-la-Jolie, Poissy)
2010 – SWEDEN, Amal's Blues Festival
2009 – NORWAY, Notodden Blues Festival
2009 – USA, Memphis, International Blues Challenge, competition
2005 – GERMANY, Trossingen, World Harmonica Festival, competition

Chicago Rambler (Spona, 2019)
Velvet Space Love (Spona, 2018)
Kaj blues etno (Spona, 2016)
For a Friend & Brother (Spona, 2015)
Blow Junkie (Menart/Spona), 2014)
Med bregi (Menart/Spona, 2012)
200$ SUN Memphis Album (Croatia Records, 2010)
Zagorje Blues (Aquarius Records / Spona, 2009)
Mr. B. (Aquarius Records / Spona, 2007)
Pigeon's Flight (Aquarius Records / Spona, 2005, 2008)

Croatia’s Tomislav Goluban is a true student of traditional American blues and rock. He deserves and “A” for “Blow Junkie.” It’s upbeat, clever and funny. It will put a smile on your face and tap in your toes. Creative take on “Messin’ with the Kid.” “Blow Junkie” is a nonstop party. I keep wondering when Tomi will come up for air!
Tim Parsons, Blues Festival Guide, 2014

I believe now, that, when Sonny Terry died, he was thinking on his way Up, well I got to send a little bit of my spirit to the Croatia, and it comes out in Tomislav Goluban.
Jostein Forsberg, Notodden Blues Festival, 2009

Listening to the "Mr. B." recording was a breath of clean air in a world of Blues that's lost a lot of originality.  To hear the expression of my culture's music with the vitality of expression and Croatian feel is one of the reasons I think this CD understands and respects the concept of what we think Blues should be, not to be a carbon of a recording but the expression of your roots - blended with ours.  The harmonica playing is truly original, Sonny Terry, Hamie Nixon, Tomislav Goluban - understanding and sympathy and respect.  "Hats Off" to you guys!!
"Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks, 2007

I had the great pleasure of meeting and hearing Tomislav perform at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen Germany 2005. Tomislav is a fine harmonica player that takes control of the stage and puts on a very energetic show. He was a pleasure to watch and would recommend anyone to see his entertaining show.
David Barrett, 2005

Tomislav Goluban plays and sings with strong passion and the occasional flash of humor. He is, without a doubt, my favorite Croatian blues player. Joe Filisko, 2004

We encountered him for the first time in 2003, at the Harmonica Masters Workshop; a musician with the most gripping scenic performance we have ever seen. In retrospect, he didn't need to play even a note, everyone was already on their knees. His performance was unbelievably amazing!
Harp Online, 2004