How to pronunciate?
(Toh-mee-sla:v Go-loo-ba:n)

After a 20-year music career and 13 studio albums, the proverb “The older – the crazier” definitely applies to Croatian harmonica player Tomislav “Little Pigeon” Goluban, whose songs and performances burst with energy, passion, and humor. Looking back at his discography reveals delta, country & Chicago blues, zydeco, rock’n’roll, world/ethno and children’s music. He’s been recording his music in a wide span from raw delta duo sound to the full instrumental arrangement with 20 musicians playing one song.
His 12th studio album, EXPRESS CONNECTION, was released by Blue Heart Records (USA) in April 2021.  A collaboration with some of the finest musicians in the USA and recorded in Memphis, it was the fourth studio album to be produced in the states (Chicago and Memphis). It spent 14 weeks on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Blues Album Chart, peaking at #5, and also earned a Bronze Medal (instrumental) in the 2021 Global Music Awards.


“Tomi Little Pigeon plays with a very unique style and it is good to see that he is keeping the Blues alive in Croatia! Good Stuff”
~Paul Lamb


Being inspired by old school harp masters Tomislav owes his passion for playing the harmonica to the likes of Sonny Terry and Slim Harpo.

In the contemporary world of harmonica players, Tomislav has already found his place among other international artists such as Paul Butterfield and Joe Filisko who he still admires to this day as well as being awarded 4th place at World Harmonica Championship in Germany 2005.

“I believe now, that, when Sonny Terry died, he was thinking on his way Up, well I got to send a little bit of my spirit to the Croatia, and it comes out in Tomislav Goluban”
~Jostein Forsberg, Notodden Blues Festival


Coming from the Croatian region of Zagorje his music is naturally inspired by traditional melodies which can be heard on a number of albums like Kaj Blues Etno or Med Bregi.
International reviews prove that the universal language of music needs no translation.

“When I look at the track list of the CD I see that all lyrics are in Croatian. Despite that I still sing the first song out loud. Well, sing along… Tomislav Goluban sings Na Zagorskom Brijegu , over a hill near Zagorje, and I sing Down By The Riverside”

~ Blues Magazine

This unique approach to The Blues has resonated well with the Croatian music scene, earning 5 Croatian Music Awards “Porin” as well as 3 Croatian Musicians Union awards “Status”.



This program, supported by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, had a noble goal – to bring music closer to school children through workshops and concerts.

Through interaction with musicians, students are introduced to various genres, instruments, and the history of modern music.

In today’s high-speed world broadening young minds to different cultural and musical forms is very important. It was a delight to see how young people react to music they’ve never heard before, show a genuine interest, and enjoy the experience!

As long as new ears and minds are educated into the wonderful diversity of music we should have no fear of a genre being forgotten or dying out!

And what did the kids say?

“I came to the concert with prejudice. When I heard it was going to be a harmonica concert I thought I’d rather be in math class. But when I heard the phenomenal sound that these two musicians were making all my objections disappeared!

I liked the concert a lot because the music was fun, upbeat, and full of energy. The musicians were so much fun and I love how they brought together music and education.

The music scene and the kids that listen to distasteful music should take a hint from these musicians and learn about good old rock, blues, metal, punk…

I’d love to hear you in our school again before I start high school next year!

P.S. You make me want to pick up my guitar and stop it gathering dust in my room.”

~Senior year student – Kumrovec primary school


The sole Croatian endorsee of the world’s finest and most famous harmonica manufacturer “Hohner”

One of the founders and the first president of the “Croatian Blues Forces” association which has since become the recipient of The Keeping The Blues Alive award given by The Blues Foundation based in Memphis (TN / USA)

Listening to the “Mr. B.” recording was a breath of clean air in a world of Blues that’s lost a lot of originality.  To hear the expression of my culture’s music with the vitality of expression and Croatian feel is one of the reasons I think this CD understands and respects the concept of what we think Blues should be, not to be a carbon of a recording but the expression of your roots – blended with ours.  The harmonica playing is truly original, Sonny Terry, Hamie Nixon, Tomislav Goluban – understanding and sympathy and respect.  Hats Off to you guys!!”
“Philadelphia” Jerry Ricks

…to be continued!

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