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Mr. B.

Blues News, br. 233, Finska

"Croatian harmonica is rarely heard and in the case of Tomislav, his main influence seems to be obvious. This sympathetic harp player follows Sonny Terry licks on many of the tracks on this CD. But still this is not strictly speaking a straight-ahead blues album. Instruments include, among others, a trombone. Genres vary from gospel to polka and a spinoff of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross (3).
Many of the songs are performed in the artist’s native language even though they are listed in English. Finnish listeners will probably miss many delicious verbal nuances. A well known song (10) sees an acoustic version and here we can clearly hear the influence of Sonny Terry. So if you are looking for Bill Haley meets Sonny Terry in Croatian, this is your best bet. The harmonica playing here is excellent throughout the album and goes to show that this instrument is credible in all corners of the world."
-Harri Haka


Sing Out! 2009., SAD

“One little issue of Sing Out! is worth more to humanity than any thousand tons of dreamy dopey junk dished out from the trees of our forests along every Broadway in this world. I don’t know of any magazine, big or little, that comes within a thousand million miles of Sing Out! when it comes to doing good around the world.” — Woody Guthrie, NYC, 1951

Blues Revue Dec/Jan 2008., SAD