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...from the most excruciating loss a human being suffers can come some of the most beautiful art s/he can create. Yes, the blues IS beautiful, as Goluban and Buhin’s masterpieces prove. This duo knows the purpose of instrumental music is twofold: to set a mood, and to let listeners achieve a powerful emotional release in the absence of lyrics...Hopefully, their names will be hailed far and wide in the U.S., because all of their songs on this rip-roaring CD deserve national airplay...For a Friend & Brother is a monumental tribute to instrumental blues fans everywhere!
BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE - Rainey Wetnight, February 2016, ISSUE 10-8,  (USA)

Croatia’s Tomislav Goluban is a true student of traditional American blues and rock. He deserves and “A” for “Blow Junkie.” It’s upbeat, clever and funny. It will put a smile on your face and tap in your toes. Creative take on “Messin’ with the Kid.” “Blow Junkie” is a nonstop party. I keep wondering when Tomi will come up for air!
Tim Parsons, Blues Festival Guide, December 2014 (SAD)

From Croatia comes harmonica player, occasional singer and sometimes song-writer Tomislav Goluban, who gives us a powerful ambitious project with twelve inspired beautiful songs. Tomislav has managed to surround himself with a bunch of professional good musicians who have got level enough to make the record have high possibilities among Eastern Europe blue fans. All musicians involved have given the best of themselves. They have devoted to this project with all their hearts and souls, which becomes evident since the first notes of the opening cd song "Med Bregi". All tracks display an excellent orchestration and good arrangements too. You will find different instruments such as trombone, saxos, clarinet or tuba, as well as piano, organ, guitar, bass and drums. Musically speaking, you will find blues but also other influences from popular music, marches, or the most classic lyricism with vocal choirs. A different album from what is usually done I am sure will satisfy more than one. Ah!, and they also sing in Croatian. VERY GOOD.
Vicente P. Zumel, May 2013 (SPAIN),

This is the fifth album from harmonica Master Tomislav Goluban. Featuring some amazing vocals, obscure sounds, chickens, whistles, lot’s of beautiful sounding instruments, and some really tasty harmonica. All vocals are sung in Tomislav’s Mother tongue Croatian. If you love World Music as I do this is sure to please, even if you’re not a listener of World Music, sure you will find this most pleasurable. What’s so beautiful, one can enjoy music from all parts of the world, not being able to comprehend a single word. But enjoy the vocal tone, and harmonies. For years listened to Dutch group Doe Maar, enjoyed  Edith Piaf, the odd Opera, never understanding a single word. But it’s the words, and language themselves that stand out like an amazing instrument all on their own, after all the human voice is the biggest most important instrument. There is a whole Carnival of sounds, neatly put together tickling the inner part of my ear drums like never before. A Magical composition, an album will certainly come back to time and time again.
Med bregi - Album review - Outstanding piece of music. 10/10
Shaun Monument-May,  31. listopad 2012., Engleska, World Of Harmonica

Tomislav Goluban je izašao solo sa svojom usnom harmonikom nekih pola sata prije ponoći i dobro zabavio okupljenu publiku svojim vrsnim kreativnim improvizacijama. Mada posve minorno izgleda samo jedna individua na pozornici i k tome sa usnom harmonikom, nevjerojatno je što ovaj glazbenik može pružiti svojim performansom; osim što svira, on pjeva, improvizira različite oblike vox-extended tehnike, te nogama cupka i proizvodi ritam. Takoreći, on je čovjek-glazbena mašina.
Vladimir Horvat Horvi, 22. listopad 2009., Zagreb

The blues are becoming a cottage industry in Croatia, it seems. First there was Miroslav Evačić, and now Goluban and his crew have made an appearance. He's a harp player, very much in the tradition of Sonny Terry and Little Walter, and he kicks things off to a fine, even virtuoso start with «T-Train Kick», where he gets to display his chops and set you up for an album of mouth harp playing. However, that's not quite what we get.
There's some in there, but this is more about the songs, which at times become American blues refracted through an odd prism – Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. So «See You Later Alligator» gets a bizarre falsetto interlude, for instance; «Jesus On The Mailnline» has a Johnny Cash makeover; and «Country Party» is just, well, quite odd. It's beguiling, and there's a certain innocence to it all. But make no misstake, these guys can play the blues, and there are some unusual juxtapositions, like the trumpet on «Brag to Brag» that takes the listener by surprise, but works wonderfully well. In case you're wondering about the band name, it's a sort of translation of the name for the area where the musicians live. So yes, it's all a little warped, and it would be great to hear Goluban work out on the harp a lot more than he does, but there's definitely something going on in the Croatian Delta.
SingOut! – Chris Nickson, 2009.

I believe now, that, when Sonny Terry died, he was thinking on his way Up, well I got to send a little bit of my spirit to the Croatia, and it comes out in Tomislav Goluban.
Jostein Forsberg, Notodden Blues Festival,
06. veljače 2009., Memphis, SAD

“Mr. B.” is an outstanding, enlivening, and original blues album from Croatia's own Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues. This album is comprised of sixteen harmonica-led blues jams that incorporate acoustic and steel guitar, drums, kazoo, muted trumpet, and a plethora of other instruments to create consistently solid arrangements. The overall sound is truly original, combining an authentic Cajun/delta blues sound with elements particular to Croatian music, with lyrics sung in Croatian on the first half of the album and in English on the second half. The songs are all great, entertaining and enjoyable, with the harmonica driving each song and drawing from the likes of Hot Tuna and Sonny Terry. The recording quality is also quite good and a perfect fit for the type of sound Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues are trying to create. “T-Train Kick” introduces the album nicely with the harmonica and drums, perfectly imitating the takeoff of a train from a station. “Sv. Rok” is a slower track with Croatian lyrics that is backed by acoustic guitar, muted trumpet, and features a nice harmonica solo. “See You Later Alligator” shifts the album to a more American blues sound, with entertaining English lyrics, an absurd vocal range, and great vocal layering. Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues have crafted an enjoyable, memorable, and truly original blues album with “Mr. B.” Fans of delta blues with a Croatian flare, pick up this album and prepare to wear it out.
Chris & the, kolovoz 2008 (SAD)

...a mix of American roots music, European sensibilities, spirited playing and a great sense of fun. It all adds up to a terrific original sound.
Tom Gray, srpanj 2008 (SAD),

...ovo je možda i jedino jato golubova kod nas koje bi moglo odletjeti do delte Mississippija, ugnijezditi se tamo i osjećati kao kod svoje kuće. Pa ipak, nadam se da se to neće dogoditi i da ćemo i dalje moći s ponosom o LPFB-u govoriti kao o «domaćem, a svjetskom». Jer oni to zaslužuju.
Slavonski golupčić Hadžo, 17. svibanj 2008.,

Their music blends together country blues and traditional Croatian sounds resulting in a CD that is fun and entertaining. If you love the blues but you’re fed up with the same old thing played the same old way get “Mr. B.” now.
CD Baby!, ožujak 2008.,

“Little Pigeon” derives from Tomislav’s surname whilst ‘ForHill’ is an approximate translation of Zagorje, the Croatian area where the band comes from – and no, the music isn’t any more predictable either! This is an acoustic based set, centred around the leader’s excellent and sometimes very individual, mostly Sonny Terry but sometimes Walter Horton or Jimmy Reed inspired, harmonica playing and vocals mostly in Croat (listen to the rocking ‘0,5’). The other band members are Krunoslav Dobričević on guitars, Nikola Herceg on electric bass, and Nikola Santro trombone, electric piano and some odd sounding percussion!
This set is blues-based, and comes recommended by the late Philadelphia Jerry Ricks, who described it to the band as “the expression of your roots blended with ours”. There is a noticeable Croatian musical influence on some tracks, though the very mellow title instrumental betrays a little Fleetwood Mac ‘Albatross’ type of approach – and try the cover of ‘See You Later Alligator’ for something completely off-the-wall. ‘Polka Blues’ sounds like the kind of thing the Memphis Jug Band might have come up with had they been shipwrecked in eastern Europe in the seventies!
This is definitely a CD that has grown on me with each play – and in which I discover something new each time. Handsome packaging too. Need I state that this is not one for the purists but anyone with a sense of humour and an interest in an original approach to European blues should certainly investigate.
BluesArt, Norman Darwen, ožujak/travanj 2008. (Austria),

Mr. B. is an engaging self-released disc from Croatian country blues group Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues. Tomislav Goluban is an accomplished unamplified harp player with a broad tonal palette capable of expressive melodic work («Mr. B.») and propulsive rhythms («T-Train Kick»). Krunoslav Dobricevic's acoustic guitar shifts between driving the band and adoring the music with bright, well-conceived leads. The rhythm section keeps things simple; drummer Nikola Santro does triple duty, turning in trombone and a vibes-like electric piano. The generally upbeat songs sport occasional pop flourishes («Sv.Rok», «Golden Fish»), and, while hearing blues sung in Goluban's native tongue is initially disorienting, his unaffected, emotional style quickly overcomes any objections.
Blues Revue, THE WORLD'S BLUES MAGAZINE, pros./siječanj 2008. (SAD),

Harmonica is a popular instrument in the blues. The problem is that most guys playing it are trying to re-create Little Walter’s Chicago sound or William Clarke’s West Coast feel forgetting about more traditional styles of harmonica playing. And this is the part where Tomislav Goluban comes in. Croatia’s no. 1 harp player sounds like he has spent hours listening to Sonny Terry’s records but, what’s even more important, building his own musical identity on a base provided by his master. Tomislav’s harmonica has a fat and full-bodied sound mixing so well with acoustic background provided by ForHill Blues. Their music blends together country blues and traditional Croatian sounds resulting in a CD that is fun and entertaining. If you love the blues but you’re fed up with the same old thing played the same old way get “Mr. B.” now – country blues has never sounded so fresh!
Przemek Draheim, Polish Blues & Gospel Radio Host, listop. 2007 (Poljska)

'Mali golub' je ojačao i hrabro se oslonio na svoje noge, pardon, krila. Njegovu endemsku vrijednost bi trebalo prepoznati na vrijeme, a ne kako to biva na ovim prostorima, da se buka diže samo kad ptičice prelete u toplije krajeve.
Zoran Stajčić,lipanj 2007.

Listening to the Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues (Mr. B.) recording was a breath of clean air in a world of Blues that's lost a lot of originality. To hear the expression of my culture's music with the vitality of expression and Croatian feel is one of the reasons I think this CD understands and respects the concept of what we think Blues should be, not to be a carbon of a recording but the expression of your roots - blended with ours. The harmonica playing is truly original, Sonny Terry, Hamie Nixon, Tomislav Goluban - understanding and sympathy and respect. "Hats Off" to you guys!!
"Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks, svibanj 2007. (1940.-2007.)

Iako možda zvuči čudno i neobično ali samo ime Tomislava Golubana garancija je da ću napuniti svoj Siscia Jazz Club, pa makar i u četvrtak.
Damir Kukuruzović, 28. prosinac 2006.

Posljednji dan festivala pripao je blueserima Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues iz Zaboka. Ovo je i inače prvi susret sa bluesom na čakovečkom festivalu i odmah pun pogodak. Lider banda Tomislav Goluban rođeni je showman, no uz sve te kvalitete još izvrsno svira usnu harmoniku. Zaista kvalitetan i nadasve nadahnut nastup držao je publiku u visokom raspoloženju, te podario i glazbeni dodatak od petnaestak minuta.
Laci Varga, 12. MEĐUNARODNI JAZZ FAIR ČAKOVEC, studeni 2006.

I had the great pleasure of meeting and hearing Tomislav perform at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen Germany 2005. Tomislav is a fine harmonica player that takes control of the stage and puts on a very energetic show. He was a pleasure to watch and would recommend anyone to see his entertaining show.
David Barrett, 9. studeni 2005.,
(California, SAD),

...posebnost njihovog nastupa je iskrena, zanimljiva, duhovita i predana izvedba koja koncert čini posebnim doživljajem,...
Živahne reakcije publike koja je veći dio pjesama pratila plješćući u ritmu potvrđuju kvalitetu nastupa ovog sastava kao i zanimljiv nesvakidašnji način stvaranja pozitivnih odnosa i vibracija koji proizlazi iz pouzdanog i uvjerljivog načina sviranja i stvaranja dojmljive blues atmosfere.
Glas Istre, Mozaik, 22. srpanj 2005., D. Cukola Zeneral

Tomi Little Pigeon plays with a very unique style and it is good to see that he is keeping the Blues alive in Croatia! Good Stuff
Paul Lamb, 17. lipanj 2005.,
(Velika Britanija),

Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to hear you during this April's VARAZDIN INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL and learn how you keep up the traditional blues and country music. We especially enjoyed the final jam session with you in the ground floor's Jazzclub. We wish you great success in the future. Keep swinging!
Frank Sager (Trubač), ispred sastava "TEDDY EHRENREICH JAZZBAND", 14. lipanj 2005., (Beč, Austrija)

Enjoyed the show, nice country style blues with and original flair, the best I've seen in Croatia.
L.A. Jones, 20. svibanj 2005., (Los Angeles, SAD),

stići do Tvornice, gdje se u ugodno popunjenoj dvorani imao održati nastup Guy Davisa i njegovog tria. Uvertira u glavni dio večeri bio je nastup predgrupe Little Pigeon's Forhill Blues, domaćeg akustičnog country-blues tria osebujnog stila i zagorske duhovitosti. Kapa dolje dečkima, osobito frontmenu na usnoj harmonici Tomislavu Golubanu koji je znao dobro zagrijati publiku i pobrati ovacije zauzvrat...., 08. travanj 2005., Gasper Sopi, Vedran Jakovac,

...Ljubitelji bluesa mogli su se dobro opustiti čekajući nastup Guya Davisa, Njujorčanina koji je svoju karijeru započeo na kazališnim daskama, da bi inspiriran životnim pričama djeda i roditelja ušao u blues vode. Za zagrijavanje pred njegov nastup bili su angažirani Little Pigeon's Forhill Blues, domaći country-blues trio, predvođen Tomislavom Golubanom na usnoj harmonici i gitaristom Antom Prginom. Dogodilo se da su u polusatnom nastupu bukvalno 'razvalili' i pridobili sve simpatije publike. Virtuozne i inteligentne izvedbe standarda Roberta Johnsona, Big Billa Broonzyja, Sonny Boya Williamsona i drugih savršeno su iskombinirali sa svojim autorskim pjesmama koje su servirali, slobodno se može reći, iznenađenoj i nepripremljenoj publici, koja je pred kraj njihovog nastupa sve duže i glasnije aplaudirala...
T portal, 07. travanj 2005., Zoran Stajčić

Zahvaljujući atraktivnim nastupima Little Pigeon's Forhill Blues je osvojio publiku u B.P. Clubu koji je, osim jazz, postao referentinim sjedištem i medjunarodne blues scene, ali i brojnih drugih prostora. Uz rijetke druge, ovaj sastav polako preuzima ulogu promicatelja bluesa u nas. Uzbudljivo i s puno feelinga za blues oni izvode vlastite skladbe, ali ne zanemaruju niti tradiciju oslanjajući se na značajne blues majstore poput Roberta Johnsona, Sonnyja Terryja, Browniea McGheea i druge. Iako slušajući album ne možete vidjeti iskru u oku, grimasu oduševljenja niti izvijeno tijelo u zanosu svirke, što pridonosi uvjerljivosti i atraktivnosti njihovih nastupa, svakako ćete osjetiti predananost i srčanost zanesenjaka koji osjećaju i žive blues.
Davor Hrvoj, 24. veljače 2005.

Tomislava Golubana i njegov trio u B.P. Club doveo je (uz moj pristanak «nasljepo»!) poslovođa kluba Jozo Bartolović. Redovito mi je javljao o njihovim uspješnim nastupima u klubu i konačno me je nagovorio da ih uvrstim u program «Century of Blues» festivala 2005. I onda sam ih konačno čuo «uživo» i shvatio Jozin entuzijaza. U nas djeluje nekoliko blues bandova , no nijedan (po mom mišljenju) ne «proizvodi» toliko veselja i pozitivne energije kao trio Tomislav, Ante i Nikola. Prava, dobra zagorska «blues kuhinja» (naravno uz dodatak Antinog dalmatinskog «šuga»!). Tomici i dečkima posebna zahvala za poziv da kao (skoro pravi) bubnjar nastupim sa njima u vlastitom klubu! Ukratko, zagorski (For-hill!) blues – golubići (Pigeon) umjesto pisama prenose veseli blues. Živjeli!!
Boško Petrović, 09. veljače 2005.

Schon im Jahr 2003 haben wir ihn zum ersten Mal auf den Harmonika Masters Workshops getroffen, den Harper mit der gnadenlosesten Bühnenshow, die wir je gesehen haben.Im Prinzip bräuchte er keinen Ton zu spielen und jeder bricht bereits in die Knie."
(Već smo ga sreli 2003. na Harmonica Masters Workshops, svirača sa najnemilosrdnijom scenskom izvedbom koju smo ikad vidjeli. U principu, nije morao odsvirati niti tona, a svi su već bili na koljenima.)
Harponline, 18. studeni 2004., (Njemačka),

Prave bluziške u Hrvatskoj ima manje nego ljudi na mjesecu, zato je ovaj album vrijedan. Bio sam oduševljen činjenicom da netko u ovom dijelu svijeta gaji ljubav prema mississippi bluesu, tom korijenu bluesa. Bio je užitak provesti vrijeme i svirati sa dečkima.
Ivica Kostelić, 17. srpanj 2004.

Little Pigeon’s plays and sings with strong passion and the occasional flash of humor. He is, without a doubt, my favorite Croatian blues player.
Joe Filisko, 08. srpanj 2004., (Chicago, SAD),

Among millions of so-called Blues players it is hard to find some who are different, but you immediately know you did when you first hear the "Little Pigeon`s ForHill Blues" Duo! You can tell that these guys HAVE FUN doing what they do, and they know very well HOW to do it. A driving guitar and a helluva harmonica make you dance, and you are greatful that they give their own impressions to old songs and really spice them up. Great!
Thomas Kleemaier, 08. lipanj 2004.,