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Independent Blues Award nominee!

2020 Independent Blues Award nominee!
Category „Contemporary Blues CD“

Memphis Light - Blues Matters (UK)

Here we have one of Croatia's top Blues recording stars on his twelfth (11th!) studio album and it could be the one to get their name known to a wider audience, Tomislav and his band the Little Pigeons are in splendid form here, going through a 10 track collection of original material with only one track being a cover version of House of the Rising Sun, oh not another one I hear you groan, but be patient and listen to the bands own take, albeit a little bit shorter than my own version. Tomislav is a master of the Blues harmonica, having come 4th at the Worlds Harmonica Championships in Germany in 2005, is a Hohner endorsee and has won awards all over the shop, so you can expect top quality harp and that is just what you get, but not to the exclusion of the rest of the band who all acquit themselves superbly. Tomislav even sounds like BB King on a couple of numbers. I don't normally pick out individual tracks, but I have to say that the title track Memphis Light is a superb piece of Blues and is almost a slow gospel number and I particularly liked Disappear for good. Will we see them over here? I would like to think so, but as they are often playing in the States, we may have already missed the boat.

DAVE STONE, Blues Matters, issue 113, Apr/May 2020


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MEMPHIS LIGHT - 11th studio album available NOW

Harp musician Tomislav Goluban presents his latest studio album entitled ''Memphis Light'' with an expected January, 10, 2020 release date. His 11th studio album, a sequel of sorts to his previous album ''Chicago Rambler'' which made significant impact outside Croatia. „Chicago Rambler“ reached top positions on various radio charts in the USA, Australia, France and the UK.
Nine of the ten tracks are written by Tomislav and the tenth is the classic ''House of the Rising Sun.'' As suggested by the album title, Goluban took a trip to the Home of the Blues to record at Ardent studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Tomislav Goluban shines a huge “Memphis Light” over the blues community with this powerful and well-crafted set!
You feel and believe everything happening in the song because you trust Goluban.
He’s all about playing the perfect part for every section of every song with an almost Zen-like commitment.
There are very few blues artists like Goluban and he’s doing something new that lots of blues fans are going to want to check out.
He’s a solid workmanlike performer who plays a great harp and has a pleasant deep voice.
A wild set that's way more than a diversion or a novelty, it's the real deal.

Produced by Jeff Jensen & Tomislav Goluban
All songs written by Tomislav Goluban except No. 6 (Trad.)

Tomislav 'Little Pigeon'' Goluban: vocals & harmonicas
Jeff Jensen: guitars
David Green: drums
Rick Steff  - keys (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
Bill Ruffino: bass   
Mark Johnson - slide guitar (3,6,7,8,9)
Vince Johnson - vocals (2,9)
Joseph Franher - backing vocals (8)
Reba Russell & Daunielle Hill - backing vocals (5,7,8,10)

Recorded in Memphis, TN USA at Ardent Studios, January 24th & 25th, 2019
Additional Recording at Farmhouse Studios in Memphis TN USA, June 13th, 2019
Recording engineer (Ardent Studios): Mike Wilson
Mixed by Jeff Bakos at Bakos Amp Works
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters

Track Listing:
1.    Hayloft Blues         
2.    Fun Starts Here         
3.    Country Bag         
4.    Disappear For Good         
5.    Memphis Light        
6.    House of the Rising Sun
7.    Spirit Will Never Get Old
8.    Party-Time Blues    
9.    Woman Needs A Man    
10.    Can I Be What I Want?     

Release Date: January 10, 2020

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Phonetic pronunciation of artist name
TOMISLAV GOLUBAN (Toh-mee-sla:v Go-loo-ba:n)

Memphis Light - ALBUM REVIEWS

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Chicago Rambler - Year 2019

Album CHICAGO RAMBLER on the chart:
#5 RMR Report Top 45 Chicago Blues Album Chart – Year of 2019
#86 RMR Report Top 200 Blues Album Chart – Year of 2019

HAYLOFT BLUES - new sigle from upcoming album MEMPHIS LIGHT

HAYLOFT BLUES” is the opening single from Tomislav Goluban's latest, the eleventh, studio album “Memphis Light” for the Spona label. Release date is set for early 2020.
The song is inspired by the good old days when hard-working country people used to cut and collect hay for the livestock with their bare hands.  Without the ease of modern equipment, all worked out just fine because it was a time when family and neighbours gladly helped each other without thought of compensation. The hay was laboriously “pitchforked” into wagons pulled by horses, cows or oxen but the load was always lightened by song.
“While talking about farm life with my good friend Jay Sieleman, we realized this work was very similar in Croatia and in the USA. The theme appeared perfect for connecting two continents using a common language – music!” explains Goluban.
Of course, hay, hayride and hayloft and other rural themes have often had a place in both love-themed activities and songs about them on both continents.
Find out more in the song's video directed by Tin Borovcak and produced by CloudMedia.

COMPOSER: Tomislav Goluban
PRODUCER: Jeff Jensen, Tomislav Goluban
RECORDED AT: Ardent Studios, Memphis, USA by Mike Wilson
Tomislav Goluban: vocal, harmonica
Jeff Jensen: el. guitar
Bill Ruffino: bass
David Green: drums


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#5 RMR Report Top 45 Chicago Blues Album Chart – Year of 2019

#86 RMR Report Top 200 Blues Album Chart – Year of 2019

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