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Blow Junkie on the air! (UK)

Tomorrow night Blues is the Truth is packed with great tunes from the likes of James Boraski, Will Johns, David Ferra, Breakout Blues (with Chad Strentz and Pete Farrugia), The City Boys All Stars (with Mikey G Merola), Ronnie Earl, Zoe Schwarz and Tomislav Goluban. If that doesn't tempt you I don't know what will! Tune in from 9pm UK time on tomorrow.

"Blow Junkie" On The Air! (USA & CRO)

Where you can find us on radio...

Check new album "Blow Junkie"! Washington DC on WPFW, Thursday between 12 and 13 pm.

New album "Blow Junkie" on Croatian Radio, Friday from 22:30

Something from new album "Blow Junkie" on Caldonia's Crossroad radio, Friday between 16 and 18 pm.

Gambler's Blues - TV premiere

New video for singl Gambler's Blues, tomorrow at Croatian Music Television around 19:00

Album Blow Junkie on iTunes

Album Blow Junkie on iTunes

"Gambler's Blues" as a new album announcement!

"Gambler's Blues" as a new album announcement!
After the "Med Bregi" album, a harp player Tomislav Goluban moves on! This time, however, in somewhat different blues style. With this new release, which is almost out, Tomislav is back to his roots. Good old blues-rock, stripped to three instruments (guitar, bass and drums) to make the point that even this raw and simple sound can be easily enjoyed. On the album titled "Blow Junkie" harp plays the leading role and the old blues mantra "less is more" is well established here. Before the album is out, introductory single leads into the story of Blow Junkie. The single is called "Gambler's Blues" and the music and lyrics are by Tomislav Goluban.
"Aren't we all gamblers at one point of our lives? We win, we lose, but the risk is the one which supplies thrill and suspence. As we walk along the edge we wonder if we are going to catch the beautiful view or just a stumble off the cliff. We never know, and that's the beauty of it, isn't it? I had J.J. Cale in my mind followed by Charlie Watts on drums." Says Tomislav of his new single.

6th studio album cooming soon!

Check the announcement of new studio album in croatian edition of Playboy

Blues in the Schools 2014

In collaboration with Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, we are the part of a programme "Backpack full of culture".
It is sort of Blues in the Schools version, arranged to our climate.

Best CRO albums in 2013
Matej Devčić:
1. Elemental - U redu je
2. Hugh Laurie - Didn't It Rain
3. Tomislav Goluban and Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues - Med bregi
4. Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing
5. Cock Porn - Popcorn Machine Porn Grooves
6. Zebra Dots - Walking On A Chance
7. Kandžija - Zlatne Žbice
8. Willie Nelson - Let's face the music and dance
9. Jelena Radan - Voyage

Review from Poland

In magazine "Twoj Blues"


National Blues radio show - BLUES RAILS

"Blues Rails" will introduce and expose listeners to the broad spectrum of international and local blues music and its dynamic elements. Radio program will run every Tuesday from 18:35 to 19:30 on the on national Croatian Radio 2 and will feature relevant foreign as well as local performers and their recorded albums and singles. "Blues Rails" in collaboration with members of the European Blues Union, Blues Foundation and Croatian Blues Forces will inform listeners and direct them to the most notable and influential international and national blues music festivals, along with providing valuable insight on upcoming concerts and other blues events.