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BO BO BOZIC - new video

New video for christmas song "BO BO BOZIC"

Review from Spain

Another cool review...this time from Spain, check it on review section

Winners of Croatian Blues Challenge!

Tomislav Goluban is a winner of 8th Croatian Blues Challenge!

KAJ BLUES ETNO - 8th release from Croatian harmonica player

Tomislav Goluban, an eminent Croatian blues harmonica musician, has been playing his music for two decades. Performing solo/duo or with a band, he has played in the United States and in some 20 European countries. Tomislav has won several of Croatia's most prestigious annual national music awards and debuted at #49 on the Roots Music Chart for the Week of May 13, 2015 with his 6th studio album titled Blow Junkie. With some of the tracks from this album Tomislav has since become a regular on the famous Sirius XM "BB King's Bluesville" program. He is the founder of the ethno blues festival in his home region of Zagorje, just north-west of the Croatian capital of Zagreb; he also works with young people, exposing them to the harmonica and music in general and hosts a blues radio show on the Croatian national radio station.

 On his 8th studio album Kaj Blues Etno, Tomislav Goluban delivers 21 tracks, showcasing some traditional Croatian (Zagorje) song sand instrumentals, and an abundance of new, self-penned material, resulting in a unique fusion of different genres and instruments. As its very title suggests, the album encompasses three themes – the traditional music of Tomislav's native Zagorje [using its native Kajkavian, or Kaykavian, dialect], the blues and ethno or world music.

 As many as forty musicians collaborated on Tomislav's new release; their outstanding musicianship and diverse musical talents proved to be a perfect vehicle for Goluban's ideas. By employing a range of musical instruments, among them bagpipe, double flute, tambura, violin, mandolin, tapan, daf, darbuka or udu drum, and by incorporating train and tractor sound effects, Tomislav creates songs that carryan instantly and fully recognizable, specific author signature.

 Kaj Blues Etno is a splendid example of the successful implementation of country/delta blues into (Kajkavian) Croatian language, giving birth to a completely ”new“ sound. With regard to Tomislav, though, this sound is anything but new. Those who follow him and know him well, know also that this has been his guiding idea, his leitmotif for years. This fusion of different musical expressions has taken impressive proportions. While some musicians can convincingly and credibly cover well-known blues standards, others are completely comfortable and confident with their improvisational skills. But what a few have attained is acreative blend of the above, and that is precisely what makes Kaj Blues Etno such an original, truly unique album.

The train has always been a source of inspiration for Tomislav; therefore, Riding the Train (Vlak vozi) is a fitting choice for the 1st single from the album. It thematizes transience, life in the fast lane, its ups and downs, the dark tunnels that eventually open up to new and sunny vistas. An entertaining video has been made (YT LINK) with a wooden toy train mimicking the real train as a central motif. Song begins with the blues harp imitating the train whistle. That whistle scream and the clickety-clack syncopation of the wheels can be heard in the preceeding track on the CD, titled Cug (Kajkavian for train), which will surely be enjoyed by many a train buff as well as many a blues fan. Because Tomislav does the train imitation on his harp real well!

TWOJ BLUES review (Poland)

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